In 2009 we started making Candles for friends and family as presents for the Christmas holiday season. Soon after we started we got requests from friends and friends of friends to sell candles to them. In these time where every penny counts, we decided to made and sell to our family and friends and to any one who wished to buy them. Izzy Candles (called after our daughter Isabelle) started selling scented candles in Wexford in December 2010 and we have continued to sell them in markets in Wexford and Dublin.

Our candles are made using 100% natural soy wax, much better for both yourself and the environment. Most american scented candles are made from paraffin wax and will release black smoke into your home, leaving the jar black and in some cases leaving your ceiling also black. Paraffin wax candles can also give some people headaches, We use 100% soya wax, made from soya bean, which is a vegetable wax and will burn clean and clear, leaving your Jar fit for other uses. Beware of soya blend also, they contain more paraffin wax than soya wax and will still release black smoke into your home.

We hope you enjoy our candles and will spread the word throughout Ireland.

What Our Customers Say

Love these candles as the scent is great and there is no black flame with these candles. My order of 4 candles has arrived and I cant wait to try them all. I cant recommend your product highly enough. Big fan.
Emer / Facebook
Had a stop at your stall in the RDS today. Great selection of scents. will be ordering some online!
Kaz / Facebook
Just purchased some candles yesterday, creme brulee and baby powder, and they are beautiful, the house is filled with a gorgeous scent.......will be buying more
Valerie / Facebook