About Eamon Mullins Honey

Years ago when I was playing with my brother in one of my grandfather’s sheds, I came across some bees flying around, I went to have a look as 11 years olds would do and found some old bee hives and frames.

My grandfather, James Mullins, kept bees years earlier and although he didn’t show his delight that one of his grandchildren was interested in bees, he did give me some great advice and guidance.

We set up my first bee hive in the back garden of my grandfather’s house, but the roof didn’t quite fit on the brood box and I waited.

I happened to be  in  my grandfather’s house when the most incredible site I had ever seen happened just before my eyes. A huge swarm arrived in the backyard heading straight for my bits and pieces beehive and I was hooked. But it didn’t go into the brood box. It settled in the roof. I cannot remember who lifted the roof and whether I or my grandfather took away the brood box, the result was the roof with the swarm resting on the floor.

That winter I got a bit of roofing felt from my dad and nailed it to the roof, one nail at a time, running away when the bees  came out after me.

That winter I must have never shut up about bees because for my 12th birthday in May, I received a new bee hive with super, frames and foundation thanks to my Dad and Mum. Hives then were the same price as they are now, I think it was nearly a full week’s wage it cost my dad, he must have seen something in his 12 year old son.

From then on I slowly built up the numbers, with of course setbacks, good years and bad ones. The bee hives put me through college and later helped put my own children through college also. I have a lot to be grateful for my bees, but the most important thing is their ability to give me a great sense of peace and contentment.

No one of us can claim credit for who we are, it’s a product of who we meet along the road of life, to this end I would like to thank my grandfather, James rip, my dad Brendan rip, my uncle Br Edmond rip and many others who helped and guided a young beekeeper in life and in beekeeping.

I hope you can enjoy my honey and know that all possible care has been taken to produce one of nature’s miracles. I don’t buy any honey from other beekeepers, that’s why my own name is on every single pot I sell.

Eamon Mullins